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Travel services like no other


StandbyMD enhances traditional travel coverage by providing timely and
personal medical advice to you
whenever and wherever you need it,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. StandbyMD helps alleviate worry and uncertainty
by providing early assessment and facilitating an appropriate plan of action.

A Physican is
Only a call Away

A quick call any day, any time and anywhere gives members direct access

to a StandbyMD physician. In most cases, within 15 minutes and the

best part in the members preferred language.

24 hour customer service

Prescriptions and
Over-the-Counter Services

Based on the physician’s evaluation, it may be determined that over-the-counter remedies or prescription medication will alleviate your medical issue. Our concierge services don’t stop there, StandbyMD can coordinate and deliver prescribed medication directly to the member.* so they
can focus on getting better, not locating a pharmacy.


*Prescription provided only when in compliance with local, state, and federal law.
Physician or specialist visit may be required for prescription.  Time of delivery will vary by geographic location and availability

The House Call is back!

House, hotel, office or wherever you are. If during the members
Telephonic Consultation the physician is not able to resolve their issue
over the phone a StandbyMD physician will be sent out typically within
the hour to assess, treat and/or refer the member for additional

care as needed. Just another way StandbyMD provides the best
VIP care for when one isn’t feeling so VIP.

Doctor drawing

Medical Referrals

Referrals for the following are just a call away:

• Walk-in Clinics

• Urgent Care Centers

• Hospitals

• Eye Glasses/Contacts


• Chiropractic Care

• Emergency Dental

• Medical Specialists

• Durable Medical Equipment

Prescription glasses, medical supplies and/or equipment get left behind, not a problem.

StandbyMD can coordinate and deliver these items directly to the member wherever they are.

Physician Coordination
to Emergency Room

A tour of the local emergency room was not on the
places to visit list. But in the event that a medical
condition warrants, the consulting physician
can often communicate with a local hospital
to ensure continuity of care and even
fast-track the member through the E.R. so
they can spend more time at places they
rather be.

Member looking for an ER

To access StandbyMD, you simply need to have your membership information ready and call us toll free 
at 1.800.649.7119 in the United States or from other locations please call collect to +1.305.459.4882.